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Monday, August 26, 2019

People Who Talk On The Phone All The Time (Voluntarily) - Why?

I have never liked talking on the phone.

I did sometimes in high school, as this was the olden days before texting or social media and this is how we gossiped about classmates and vented about our parents and siblings. But now we live in a wonderful age of technology where people like me can go all day without having to speak to anyone.

I have coworkers who are still living in the 20th century, calling my desk or cell phone when they could have easily emailed, texted or messaged me on Skype. It's irritating. I'd much rather have a record of our conversation that I can refer back to, either to refresh my memory, establish a timeline, cover my ass, or be able to refer to in case someone else needs to be in the loop.

And then there are the coworkers who talk all day, their phone firmly glued to their ear (or worse, their hand, with speakerphone on full blast) taking personal calls. I understand if your work has you on the phone a lot, but why would you want your personal business being overheard in the break room, the printer room, and yes, even the bathroom? We all take a personal call here and there, but I have a few coworkers who live on that phone so much that I know their family's first names.

I have friends and neighbors that always answer the door with a phone in their hand, pull into their driveways talking on the phone, and if I actually do ever call them it goes straight to voicemail because they're on the phone--and their voicemail box is full.

My mother used to talk for hours to her BFF, sitting in our one bathroom yakking away while the rest of us pounded on the door to use the facilities. I talk for ten minutes and my ear hurts and I'm wondering if I can just tell you to check my Facebook or Instagram for the latest on me. If you're a friend that's had a telephone conversation over ten minutes with me, please know how rare and valued you are, 'cause I am not a phone person.

If it's an emergency, a call is best. And I will always, always answer a call from a family member. So I'm not truly phone-phobic. More like phone-averse. Which is probably why I hated sales when I did it for a living.

What about you? Are you a phone person? What made you that way?

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