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Monday, August 19, 2019

I Have A Hard Time Watching Reality Shows

I have a hard time watching reality shows.

Not all reality shows - but a good majority of them. And I think it's because I have an overload of empathy.

My daughter loves shows about troubled human beings. Shows about hoarders, and people who eat nail polish and plastic. Prison shows about people who've had terrible lives and made terrible choices. Things like that.

I can't do it.

Shows like Hoarders and My Strange Addiction just make me very sad. All I can think about is the emotional turmoil and internal pain of the people they are profiling. How torturous it must be for them to live in their circumstances and face every day. I can't watch that and be entertained. One simple half hour of something like this just makes me feel depressed and drained.

Another category of show that my kids like to watch are practical joke shows where people are put in really embarrassing situations and have to brazen in their way through. Again, I'm rarely entertained by those beyond the occasional chuckle here and there. In between the funny moments is a whole lot of cringe. The embarrassment and humiliation of the people either performing the prank or being the victim of the prank is just too uncomfortable for me. I don't feel good after watching that.

And it goes without saying that while I love The Office and still consider it one of the greatest television shows of all time, I can't watch Scott's Tots or Dinner Party episodes without a whole lot of squirming and feeling generally terrible afterwards.

Does anybody else feel like this? Am I just too sensitive of a soul for 21st century television?

What shows are off of your viewing list because of the way they make you feel?

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