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Monday, March 25, 2019

Same S**t, Different Obstacle

I've been having a bit of a  rough time professionally. Yes, I've let this blog go a bit, but honestly the blog has never been a money-maker so that's not really an issue. I could have gone the route of offering coupons, doing sponsored blogs, and inviting guest content to try to monetize it a little better but that's a ton of work and it rarely pays off in anything more than pizza money - why bother?

It's not the blog that's the issue here, it's the novel writing career. I haven't shared this yet and I'm sharing it here rather than on my author blog because it's not great news.

Long story short - and please know there are other factors beyond the basics here -  my stroke cost me my next book contract.

As a just-past-her- debut author with only two books under my belt in a new genre, building my audience is absolutely critical. I have been pounding away on this book around a full-time day job, around parenting a disabled child, around being a single mom, around shepherding a daughter as she applies and then preps for college, and yes, through the intensive and exhausting rehabilitation of a body recovering from a hemorrhagic stroke.

But the book is done, and it's good. It's really good. The problem in publishing is you can have a really good book and also have a publisher who has no place for it in their current catalog, or may not be willing to buy into a book that is the start of a trilogy, when the author has undergone a traumatic brain injury and missed her editorial deadline by a mile. I get that. It sucks, but I get that.

So my next book is currently under review with more than a dozen editors at nine major book publisher imprints. Two have reached out this last week with rejections. They both agreed this was a great book with a lot to recommended it. The first thought the world building and the mythology were terrific, it was highly entertaining, but she couldn't connect with the voice (Voice refers to the author's particular style of writing). The second editor found the book delightfully voicey but they have a very limited catalog and it wasn't a good fit for the short list that they publish at this time.

So even though two rejections is far from ideal, it just goes to show you that this is all about finding the editor who connects with the book, and can sell it to the publisher who has room for it in their catalog.

In the meantime, I get to wait, and I get to watch the carefully cultivated audience that I've been building slowly trickle away because even if I landed a contract tomorrow it will be two years before that book sees a bookstore shelf. I'm pretty much going to have to rebuild my author brand from scratch.

That's nothing new to me -  I've had to do that several times in my life as it is.

 Same shit, different obstacle. Welcome to My Life.

 And on I go.


  1. This part of your audience is still reading your blog. Life threw an obstacle in your way that slowed you down, but you are still going! Keep writing!

  2. When you publish, I will buy and read. When, not if.