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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

I Took A Nice, Long Social Media Break And Discovered How Boring I Was

I'm back!

I know the blog has been lackluster since my brain exploded back in March, and I went completely dark on all social media back in mid-December because I've got some massive behind-the-scenes drama coming at me from three different directions that I'm not comfortable sharing. It simply had to be muddled through.

Three weeks without a post, pic or blog and guess what? Damn, am I boring. I think that's been one of my main struggles this last year, really. Other than recovering from my stroke, not much is going on with my life. And I know that's understandable, but it's also frustrating as hell, feeling like I'm constantly pushing two steps forward and getting pulled one step back. It's repetitive and depressing for me so it must be all sorts of exciting for you to read about.

Yet I'm not ready to bag the blog entirely. I still have things to talk about, oddities and interests to share. I'm just not going to kill myself trying to come up with blog fodder if it just isn't there. I think you're all probably fine with that, too.

This year is going to be a year with a large amount of change for me. Anna is heading off to college (she already landed early acceptance at her first choice school, along with a very healthy scholarship), David is navigating high school, the day job is picking up its pace dramatically, and my writing career is changing track to a new publisher. I can't make the official announcement until the details are settled, but this has been a big stressor and will hopefully be behind me soon.

New Year, not-so-new me, but I'm still in forward motion. I hope 2019 brings a whole lot of good for all of us.

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