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Monday, January 14, 2019

Being Alone: Terrible Torture? Or Fun And Free?

Across the years, I've known many women (and men) who spent their adult lives hopping from ill-fated relationship to ill-fated relationship simply because they were terrified of being alone.

Maybe it's the introvert in me, or the fact that I spent so many years feeling ground down by a bad relationship, but I've never looked at being alone as a curse. It's just my current state, and if it should happen to become my permanent state, well, I'm okay with that. 

To be fair, I'm only truly alone on the weekends and vacations the kids are with their Dad, but I've seen some definite perks to those weekends and vacation periods. For instance:

  • When I clean, it stays clean.
  • Stuff stays where I leave it.
  • My bedroom can be anywhere. Comfortable on the couch? Just drift off and forget climbing the stairs.
  • No debating with anyone over what I watch, or eat (or when I eat it).
  • Clothing: optional (This is awesome in the summer).
  • You can talk to yourself and nobody thinks you're crazy.
  • Stay up late, sleep nice and late, nap whenever.

It's really not a bad gig. Sure, I get a little lonely sometimes, but after living on my own for several years now, I'd have to think long and hard about trading my freedom. He'd have to be worth it in a serious way.

What about you? Could you live alone and enjoy it?

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