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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Ellie's Netflix Picks : Under An Arctic Sky

Over the Thanksgiving weekend I spent entirely too much time lolling around on the couch and watching Netflix. I got sucked into The Office for a good span, saw a mediocre movie with an all-star cast (Swept From the Sea, if you were wondering) and happened to catch a Netflix documentary that had me simultaneously gasping in wonder and scratching my head at the absolute insanity of its subjects.

Under an Arctic Sky follows a group of hardcore world-class surfers who are always chasing a great wave. This chase leads them to Iceland in the dead of winter where they hope to find a very secluded spot on the northwestern shore accessible only by boat and find some killer waves - all while staving off hypothermia.

Seriously though, these guys are crazy. They couldn't have been out on the water for very long at a stretch because it was so damn cold. I get the need to chase the thrill of a big wave and maybe the thrill of pushing your body beyond its normal endurance but come on this was just . . . it was nuts. It was seriously nuts.

So while you're shaking your head and muttering about these idiots on the screen you're also going to be absolutely dumbstruck by the beautiful cinematography, the rugged coastlines, and in the final much-coveted shot by the photographer that accompanied them - an amazing array of them surfing under spectacular Northern Lights.

Under an Arctic Sky is best viewed under a warm fuzzy blanket while sipping hot cocoa, because I'm telling you my teeth were chattering just watching these guys. I can't deny that I want to go back and watch this again. It clocks in at a little over an hour but it feels far shorter because it's one wild ride.

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