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Monday, August 27, 2018

If You Won The Lottery - Where Would Your Money Go?

When I was a kid, my mom and I used to watch a lot of old movie musicals. There was one we used to watch at Christmas-time titled The Lemon Drop Kid. In one of his musical numbers, the male and female lead sing a song called "It Doesn't Cost A Dime To Dream", wherein they fantasize about how they would spend all their money if they ever someday became rich.

The lyrics still stick in my head even though it's been decades since I've seen this movie. They go something like this:

We'll have a maid
Who has a maid
Who has a maid to serve the two maids lemonade

We will spend our dough
Just like H2O
'Cause it doesn't cost a dime to dream

I'm sure we've all played this game. Every time Powerball gets huge we we put an office pool together and buy tickets. I sometimes even buy one for myself - never more than one,though. I know that buying $300 worth of lottery tickets when 46 million other people are playing doesn't really better your odds.

David sometimes preferences his dreams of things he'd like us to have with, "Mom when you win the lottery can we buy . . ."

I always indulge him and assure him that yes, if we ever win the lottery I will most definitely buy that. Maybe more than one of that.

But I have a load of other things I would buy, too. of course (after paying off all my debt). Anna's college would be paid for anywhere she wanted to go. I'd get a ton of things done around this house and fix it all up but I wouldn't move - not unless I started getting harassed by people who wanted my money. My neighbors are pretty cool so I don't imagine anything like that would ever happen. I would be here at least until David is at a school district, just living in a much nicer house.

I'd put in a pool. I'd have a team of good-looking shirtless college boys mowing my lawn every summer. I know that makes me sound like a dirty old broad but so be it - it's a fantasy after all.

I'd probably pay a personal trainer and get myself a slamming beachbody. I'd be wearing much nicer clothes instead of the ones I still have from the 90's ( which I swear was only a decade ago). I'd buy us all new bicycles. And me a new car. We'd go on wonderful vacations all over the world.

But most of all, most of all - David would be taken care of. Oh, the peace of mind of knowing that even if David struggled to hold down a full-time job successfully (and believe me this is a worry), he'd be okay. Even if the government fluctuates and his benefits are cut and restored and cut again. Even if we never get Universal Health Care, if I won the lottery I would set up a trust fund that would see to it that David would have security for the rest of his days. And if a truck hit me as I left that lawyer's office, I would die with a smile on my face because an enormous burden will have lifted off my shoulders.

Sobering thoughts for a lottery fantasy, I know, but this is the life of a special-needs parent. You spend your life doing your best to make sure they're going to have a life after you're gone.

So tell me, what would you spend your millions on?

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