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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Healthy Eating Is Now Part Of My Glamorous Lifestyle

Ever since I got out of the hospital, I have been reveling in a world of decent edible food. After three weeks on a hospital diet ,my palate has altered dramatically - and that's a good thing. To say I used to be a salt-aholic would be an understatement. I'm telling you, I would salt my mother before I kissed her. Eating something is simple as fried chicken involved peeling the skin off (because chicken skin is gross) and then salting the meat underneath. In addition to that, I poured an extra pile of salt on my plate to dip the chicken into. I'm not kidding about any of that. When I was a kid, if we had ham at Easter or Christmas, I would salt my ham. So, yeah, the salt thing was a bit extreme.

Now that I know my stroke was partially caused by undiagnosed high blood pressure, I look at salt with very different eyes. It's impossible to eliminate it entirely from your diet, but whoa Nelly, have I cut back. When we go to the movies I allow myself one small fistful of popcorn and that's it. Mexican food? Three tortilla chips with salsa and that's it. And as far as the salt shaker goes at home, I get one shake on whatever it is I'm eating, and the list of things I give salt to has been easily cut by two-thirds.

I am also adding more fruits and vegetables into my diet. The problem is, all of this requires a lot of prep time, cutting and chopping vegetables, figuring out how I want to combine them and season them with the grilled chicken or lean meat on cooking them with or with the quinoa I'm serving them over. And that my friends, is work - and a lot of it. My fatigue level is still pretty high, and I'm also still on a strong dose of muscle relaxesr that isn't necessarily conducive to holding a large, sharp kitchen knife.

So what's usually been happening is I'm eating some kind of a granola protein bar for breakfast, shoving down a burrito made with fat-free refried beans, vegetables and a wheat wrap that I made two dozen of when I had a good day., and skipping dinner because I'm just too tired by the end of the day. I'm losing weight at a pretty good clip but part of me knows this is not healthy either.

And please the few of you who are thinking about messaging me regarding the incredible body-balancing shakes that you sell that will improve my health and add thousands of dollars to my bank account - I'll stop you right there. I have absolutely no interest in joining your MLM. and besides, I've tried every shake diet that's out there, they are most definitely not my thing.

I'm sure as time goes by and I'm building up my stamina,I can start working on some more elaborate healthy meals but right now, I'm just two wrung out. So help me out readers - what are your favorite easy-fix ,15 minute or less healthy meals? Recipes would be appreciated!

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  1. As someone with limited energy (do you know the wonderful story of the spoon theory?) I tend to make stuff in advance.
    So I’ll make 4 portions of rice with veggies and chicken when I have the energy, and throw it in the fridge. I’m not a snob about eating it cold either.
    I’ll happily resort to rice cakes with tuna from a can and a chunk of cucumber on the side too.
    You’ve gotta roll with it sometimes :)
    I’d also not be too proud to ask neighbours if they’d bring over some dinner sometime. Welllll, I’d struggle to ask for myself. But I know people are often more than willing to help!
    Good luck, I hope you improve very very soon.