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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

5 Great Sites For History Lovers

One of the big perks of being a writer is I get to indulge my addiction to history and cultures. I've always sworn that if I hadn't studied the arts, I would have been a cultural anthropologist. History is about stories, after all - of people, of places, of the things that were cherished, or left behind, or passed down. Fascinating stuff.

Anyway, during my research travels across the web, I'm come across some great collections and archive sites. You can fall down a rabbit hole into each one of these and not connect with reality for several hours.
The Europeana Collection - Explore 51,990,182 artworks, artefacts, books, videos and sounds from more than 3,500 museums, galleries, libraries and archives across Europe. 

BBC Civilisations tracks the rise and fall of religions and ideologies - you'll need Adobe flash, but it's got a lot of interesting stuff.

MacroHistory takes you on a grand overview from billions of years ago to the present day, broken out into chronological sections. If you're looking for the big picture, this is it.  

Atlas Obscura bills itself as a travel site but it's so much more, delving into the unique trivia and history associated with each site, often wandering off the beaten pathg into a wealth of lesser-known destinations--and what makes them stand out.
The Digital Public Library of America is a truly impressive online collection of historic and cultural artifacts, and even has information that can aid you in genealogy research.

That should keep you busy for a good, long while. Have fun!

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