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Monday, February 26, 2018

These 5 Companies Offer Adaptive, Sensory-Friendly & Special-Needs Clothing

Having a child with sensory or medical issues can be a real challenge when you're looking for clothes that (a) fit, (b) look good and (c) don't make your kid squirm because they itch or pinch. Here are a few companies who are making it easier to dress your special-needs kid.

Did you know that has an entire shopping department for adaptive clothing and shoes? One of the companies featured is Independence Day Clothing, with elastic waist pants that are easily disguised, pants that can be worn front or back, and super-soft items for those with extreme sensory issues - and their sizes go all the way up to adult!

The Cat & Jack clothing line at Target is an inexpensive and fashionable way to clothe a child that struggles with buttons or zippers, or has things like a G-tube to work around or special sensory needs.

Does your kid wear a leg brace or a foot orthotic? Nike FlyEase is a special shoe made just to accommodate braces and inserts.

Kozie Clothes also makes sensory and special-needs specific clothing for kids that includes G-tube adaptive clothing, weighted items, temperature-controlled clothing, and medical socks.

Undercover Tape is specially crafted soft tape that covers itchy seams and tags. What a brilliant idea!

I also want to share with you this great article on dressing a child with sensory issues - there's a lot of great, practical advice in it.

Adaptive clothing is getting easier to find, but it's still not prevalent. These companies are making it easier all-around and I'm so grateful for them!

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