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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Fire Drill

She was late for the bus this morning and I had to drive her to school
I was grumpy about it, too
I barely spoke to her at first 
I was angry that she dawdled in bed too long 
Then she said quietly
We had a fire drill yesterday, in the morning
And then something went wrong
I made a non-committal noise in reply, and she went on
In the afternoon, the alarm went off again, for no reason
It was a glitch, but it scared us all so bad
We'd already had the fire drill, she explained
So nobody knew why the alarm would go off again
We thought maybe somebody had a gun
Teachers made us stay in the classroom while they checked  the hall
Some kids were holding each other and I was hyperventilating
Everyone was upset and wondering if this was it
 But it was just the alarm? I clarified.
Yeah, just the alarm. We were so scared. 

I am scared. And I wish I could have driven right by the school and kept on driving, with her in the car next to me. I wish we could spend the day together, because I'm suddenly wondering how many mothers have dropped off a kid at school and never heard them talk about their day again.

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