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Monday, February 12, 2018

Autism In The Workplace Is Becoming More Easily Accommodated

Photo Credit: CBS

 A friend clued me in to this wonderful article featured on CBS: The Growing Acceptance of Autism in the Workplace follows various people on the spectrum and the companies that employ them, highlighting their specialized interview strategies and the shifting focus of their training programs.

All the companies went out of their way to make the interview process less "talking" and more action oriented (such as giving them the "marshmallow challenge" (pictured above) and taking them through real-world scenarios to demonstrate skills the candidate may have difficulty describing or talking about.

Employers are truly beginning to realize what an untapped market the autism community offers, and they're discovering an entirely new and vibrant talent pool - and it's about time!

If you're an employer and you'd like to know more about the hiring and managing of people on the autism spectrum, The Autism Research Institute has a tip sheet that may be of help, and offers a printable pdf guide for the successful employment of people on the autism spectrum.

People on the spectrum can bring so much to any organization, with just a little patience and creative management. I hope this trend continues, and we see companies reassessing their interview and management techniques for everyone.

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