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Monday, January 22, 2018

Lunaria Adds Another Superhero To Its Comic Book Lineup - And This One Has Autism

Liam Keegan Murray and Brandon Scott Jensen wanted a different sort of superhero - one you don't see often in the world of comic books. They wanted a hero on the autism spectrum, and BLACKOUT brought that dream to life. 

Produced by Jensen Entertainment, BLACKOUT is set in the universe of Lunaria, a new superhero serial starring Willa McCabe- a young news intern who is moonlighting as a costumed vigilante called "Lunaria." She's super-powered and she's ready to kick ass. But after the death of a great super-hero, she must be prepared do something she's never done before- team up with other vigilantes, in order to solve a greater mystery. 

You can order your own copy of BLACKOUT here, or visit the Lunaria Facebook page for more info about the series.

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