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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

10 Kids Who Know How To Make Homework Fun

Ah, school days. Endless monotony broken up by bouts of fun and frequent moments of sheer frustration. Homework was never much part of the fun, was it? But these kids know how to rock an assignment. Check out the stuff their teachers had to keep a straight face through! (You can click on any of these to enlarge if you need to)

It pays to know your history:

Looks like Mom or Dad may have helped with this one:

Nice try, Jackie.
 I think the teacher was up too late the night before working on these:

The kid did exactly what was asked:

Timmy always was one for detail . . .

This kid has issues.

This kid's a born activist:

I'm calling it now. This kid is going to be a writer.

And finally, I leave you with Aaron, who really does NOT like poetry:

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