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Monday, December 4, 2017

Need A Toy For A Kid With Autism? Check Out These Terrific Ideas!

Every year at the holidays, family and friends ask me what sort of presents they should get for David. Not so much of a problem now that he's old enough to appreciate and use a gift card, but when he was younger it could be a real head-scratcher. It could also be tougher when they didn't ask - because they were very likely to buy something that wouldn't get played with.

David, like a lot of kids with autism, doesn't always play with the same toys as the other kids. He also favors toys and DVD's geared toward younger kids more often than not. And sometimes, it's the odd things that aren't even toys that get his attention. One year, we bought him his own vacuum cleaner (he was obsessed with them). This year, he's fourteen and the present he wants most from Santa is an electric crayon sharpener. You read that right. And he's getting one, too.

If you have a child on the spectrum (or plan on buying a present for one), I've found two terrific videos you should watch. The first was made by therapists who work with kids on the spectrum and the second is from an autism dad who has a daughter who is low-functioning, and discusses the best sort of toys for kids who are lower on the ASD spectrum. You'll find lots of great ideas!

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