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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

My Tired Working Woman With Kids New Years Resolutions

The New Year is upon us - can you believe it? And like any self-loathing self-respecting woman, it's time to come up with a list of stuff I really wish I had the willpower and time to accomplish. Then I get to feel bad about it for the rest of the year.  

Well, here goes:

  1. I'll develop a daily plan and write it down in a notebook, and then try my very hardest not to misplace that notebook. 
  2. I'll spend at least twenty minutes outside in the fresh air every day. Okay, most days. Maybe just an occasional day. At the very least, I'll be sure to mention to my coworkers and family what a beautiful day it is outside as I glance out the window.
  3. I'll stop avoiding things that should be done. Like Jason Momoa. Yeah, I went there.
  4. I'll be conscious of every single bite I put in my mouth and remind myself frequently that I could just spread it on my thighs with a trowel and likely have the same effect. 
  5. I'll stop cursing at my cats. It doesn't phase them anyway.
That's all I've got for now. What about you? What's on your New Year To Do List?

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