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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Sometimes Your Brain Is Just Tired

I am a bad blogger this week.

Sorry, folks, but sometimes, your brain just gets tired. And so does your body. And they team up to smack you around a bit and you just have to step back and get a grip on things.

The day job has been picking up at a massive pace, I have a new book project to work on (exciting announcement coming after the New Year!) with a looming deadline, David has been having a string of bad autism days, and my house is getting a massive deep cleaning after a year of neglect while the previous books got written. On top of all that, my body is telling me I need to get serious about a bunch of minor (I hope they're minor) health issues that I've been ignoring.

We still haven't got the tree up for Christmas, and for me, that's just crazy. My tree usually goes up five minutes after I shovel the leftover turkey into a plastic container. I'm hoping to get to it tonight, but honestly, I just want to lay on a couch and watch Stargate on Hulu. And sleep. And sleep some more.

God, I love sleep.

Anyway, I apologize for the radio silence most of this week. I'll definitely do my usual fun Friday post and hopefully be back in the swing next week, with a cleaner house. And a Christmas tree.

How's your week going?

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