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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

10 Amazing Staircases That You Really Need To See

Some time ago, I came across the pic above, labeled as "Stair Porn." It's just so beautifully fluid - I saved the pic because I thought it might be an interesting pic to share at some later date.

Then I came across another cool staircase pic, and another a few days later, and pretty soon, I had a blog post. So here it is and just because I think staircases are beautiful and cool.

This one I saved because it looks like the cover of my book. It's the staircase of an abandoned castle in Poland, from what I've been able to find in my research. It's beautiful!

This is the staircase at the Tate Modern art museum in London

This is another from London - The St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel

This was only billed as a house somewhere in Florida. Must be one hell of a house.

 The Vatican knows how to do a staircase.

This staircase can be found in Ljubljana, Slovenia and it has a wicked tight spiral with gorgeous lace-etched stairs.

This stair case in Livraria Lello bookstore in Porto, Portugal was actually voted most beautiful in the world, so it gets two pics

 Once more to London, for the famous Nelson Staircase at Somerset House

Do you like the outdoors? You may want a stroll down the tiled stairs on 16th Avenue, San Francisco, California

And we'll end with this one, known as the Universe Cascade, found at The Garden of Cosmic Speculation in Dumfries, Scotland (you'll want to click it to see it bigger, trust me).

Thanks for letting me indulge my inner architect. Hope you enjoyed!

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