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Thursday, October 5, 2017

When Someone Has One Of "Those" Voices

We have a local burger joint in town that we frequent, and the drive-thru window has become a major draw due to the dulcet tones of a guy named Armando.

This kid goes to high school and has a voice that's going to make him major bucks someday. Seriously, it's a James Earl Jones caliber voice, and I'd pay to hear him read back my order anytime. We're seriously bummed if we get someone else when we order!

Our last visit led to all of us talking about people who have really recognizable voices. Singers are easy - who doesn't recognize the sound of Nate Ruess (the lead singer of Fun), or Adam Levine, or Whitney Houston or Adele:

And honey, when Cyndi Lauper opens her mouth, it's over. Good Lord.

Then there are the speaking voices. Just saying "Morgan Freeman" makes you hear anything in his voice. You're hearing this in Morgan Freeman's voice right now, aren't you? He can even make reading the lyrics of a Justin Bieber song an Oscar-worthy performance

And of course, for every Morgan Freeman or Matthew McConaughey or James Earl Jones or Liam Neeson out there, there are plenty of unsung heroes of voice-over work. I'll leave you with a great video made a few years back for an awards show that highlighted their work:

And next time I roll through the drive-thru, I'll let Armando know you said "hi."

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