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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

Whoever said a prayer for me yesterday, or sent a positive thought in my direction, or bought a ticket on the karma train and asked the conductor to make a stop for me - thank you.

Seven years ago, two thirds of my family income walked out the door. I was determined to keep this house, for my children, at least until my daughter graduated and my son developed enough maturity to be able to handle the upheaval of leaving his lifelong home.

For seven years, I've begged and filled out paperwork and begged and pleaded and filled out more paperwork and missed payments and accrued late fees and begged and pleaded and filled out still more paperwork, and yesterday, I arrived home from work and collected the mail to find out that somebody threw me some rope.

The mortgage company contacted me and they are willing to modify my mortgage, halving the interest rate, and forgiving all my late fees (which are substantial). My payment will drop from crippling to manageable, my kids can stay in their home surrounded by my amazing neighbors.

My credit will take a hit, but it's not stellar right now so there's not much to damage. This will give me breathing room. Room to pay more things off. Room to gradually fix the long list of stuff on the house that might bring it up to market level, enabling me to break even when I sell it.

My poor kids watched me lose it in the middle of my kitchen, clutching the papers to my chest, shaking with great gulping sobs as I tried to reassure them this was good news. Happy news. Mom is happy.

Mom feels eighty-five thousand pounds lighter.

Mom is thankful for the faceless administrators who reaffirmed my faith in humanity when I was sure there was none at that bank. And more than anything, Mom is thankful for supportive family, friends, neighbors and readers.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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  1. Ellie, I am SO happy for you. I've been reading about your struggles for years. Yay!! Such good news!