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Friday, September 22, 2017

Fun On A Friday - Let Me Carve You Off A Slice Of NOPE

Sorry for the sparse posts this week, but I'm under a deadline for my next book and it's been eating me alive. I think it's high time we have some fun, and today that means full-body shudders and exaggerated WTF faces at some of the crap I've trolled from the internet. Let's get started, shall we?

Hop aboard the NOPE train! Get ready for a wild ride!

I'm not going to put the video up on this because it's kind of disturbing (no death or sex, but disturbing). If you don't shout out loud when you see it, there's something wrong with you. Link is here.

Yeah, I know. That one was bad. But as long as you're lying awake tonight remembering it, you might as well see this, too. It's an old, discarded doll that some wasps decided to make into a nest. 

Talk about nightmare fuel. And if you really like dolls, I mean really, really, really like dolls - here's the vehicle for you:

Had enough? Feel like you need a good, stiff drink? Here! Enjoy!

And with that bit of disgusting nonsense, I will take my leave for this week.



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