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Monday, July 3, 2017

"Mom! I'm Bored!" 5 Ways To Help Your Kids Beat The Summer "Blahs"

Summer is here and that means longer days, lots of sunshine, pools and beaches and barbeques and vacations. Unfortunately, if you're a parent, it can also mean the occasional (which can feel like frequent) whine of a bored kid.

If your kids are in need of an interesting diversion, you might want to give these a try:

Go back to school - together! Pick an instructional Pinterest post or a YouTube video and learn to do something new together. From knitting to decoupage to making furniture out of old pallets, a great do-it-yourself project is only a mouse click away. You can also check out great online classes on places like Khan Academy, Duolingo and OpenCulture.

Look into free workshops at various chain stores. Places like Lowe's, Home Depot, Michaels, Panera Bread and Wegman's offer weekly kid-friendly workshops on crafts and cooking - check your local store for information.

Film A Movie On Location. Have your kids write a script and pick an outdoor location like a park or nature trail to set their story in. Then take a video and film it as they act it out or narrate it on location. Bonus: you get exercise and a great video of the kids to cherish!

Take a hike or ride a bike. There are hundreds of nature trails and bike trails all over the place - and you may not even know how close they are. Check out one of these lists of hiking and biking trails by state, put some water and granola bars in a backpack, and have an adventure!

Help somebody. Volunteer for a day (or more) at a food bank or a nursing home. Have the kids mow yards or do odd jobs for neighbors to raise money and then offer to match their funds if they will donate it to a favorite charity. Teach your kids the great feeling of giving back.

Summer is a great time for reveling in freedom. Find activities that emphasize fun, adventure and creative learning, and your kids will have rich and wonderful experiences to carry with them into the coming school year.

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  1. Hi DeLano,
    Thanks for sharing these awesome ideas to make kids happy.