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Thursday, June 22, 2017

What Is Just Not Worth The Money To You?

That, my friends, is an expensive handbag. Like, $3500 expensive. Why?

I have friends with Coach and Louis Vuitton handbags that they shelled hundreds of dollars out for, wrapped carefully in tissue paper in sectioned areas of their closets, and all I can say is why?

A handbag is a utility. It carries your wallet, your keys, maybe a small umbrella or tissues or lipstick. If you're a mom, God only knows what it carries. But that's what it does.

If you have to go to a wedding, you get the fancy little clutch purse that goes with your dress and if you're smart you get one that will go with several dresses so you can re-use it, since weddings don't happen to your friends and family every day.

I buy my handbags at Target, or on occasion at a department store. I buy a new one when the old one breaks a strap or a zipper, or gets too worn and scuffed. And I use that purse every day, with every outfit. It's not about fashion for me. It's about utility. I cannot fathom spending more than $40 on one, either. And they wear just fine. Years. So it's not about fine workmanship, it's about status, and to me, a fancy handbag only tells me you're willing to part with your money too easy and also impressed by stuff like that.
You also won't find me shelling out money for:
  • A closet full of shoes. I have half a dozen pairs at most, and no matter how cute they are, if they don't go with a good portion of the stuff I wear, I won't buy them.
  • Car washes. The only time I wash my car is in the winter, when there's salt on the road. The rest of the year, that's what rain is for.
  • Kid clothes. When the kids were younger and growing out of everything every six months, you wouldn't find me shopping Nordstroms or Talbots Kids or even Baby Gap without a coupon. What's the point in that? They're only going to stain it with barf or juice and rip right out of it long before it's faded and worn. Unless we had to go somewhere special, hand-me-downs, Wal-Mart and Target were fine.
  • A rice cooker. I love rice. I eat it a lot. Never saw the need for a big, bulky thing cluttering up my counter just to cook one item. My rice always comes out of the saucepan perfect, too.
What about you? What things do you consider to be a colossal waste of money?

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