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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Oh, The Weirdly Wacky And Wildly Wonderful Things You Can Buy Yourself

I'm assuming this toilet belongs in a Taco Bell or something, but you must admit, it has pzazz. Of course, if you want to make a real statement,  you could always go for a pair of high-heeled hooves with revolver heels.

Not your style? If you're more of a pacifist and nature-lover, you could slip into a pair of these and let your imagination take flight.

Those are actually pretty impressive, but I'll pass. I won't pass on these next items however. They need to take my money and put them in my hands NOW. Like this dragon fireplace:

Or the Groot tree swing!

Or the Monty Python Black Knight earrings:

Or this Moon Dress:

And this beautiful dress with the corset top made of old book spines:

That's enough dreaming for now. Back to work, everyone! Happy almost-Friday!

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