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Friday, June 23, 2017

It's Summer - Time To Get Your FAIL On!

Ah, summer. Full of sand and chlorine and salty, chapped body parts. So much fun, but so much that can go wrong when you mix tanning oil, frozen alcoholic drinks, and people in glorified undergarments. Let's have a look at some summer fails, shall we?

Sweetheart, you eat ice cream with your mouth.

Speaking of ice cream, dude, your legs shouldn't look neapolitan.

 Let's see what kind of fun we can find around the pool:

Okay, so that pool is shot. How about we see what this charming couple is up to?

 You call that a throw? Let these fellas show you how it's done!

Maybe we're better off in the ocean. Or not.

And finally, I'll leave you with this excellent compilation of summer fails to ease you into the weekend. Warning - there's quite a bit of salty language on this one, but the fails are spectacular!


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