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Monday, June 12, 2017

I Want To Share A Story About David, An Awesome Human Being

No, he's not my David, but I'm so very glad we can all claim a world with this David in it. David is an employee of American Airlines, and when Autism activist and speaker Russell Lehmann (who is a person with autism) found his flight cancelled and the ensuing chaos pushing him into a meltdown, David showed genuine empathy and helped Russell through.

As Russell describes it:

"David calmly approached me, and with the utmost compassion, he asked me what was wrong. I was barely able to get any words out. I believe I mumbled the words 'I don’t know. I can’t think, I have autism.'"

How David handled it from there shows not just his knowledge of the best way to speak with someone on the spectrum, but a depth of compassion we can all use in our daily lives. Russell says it best:

"This post isn’t about autism. It’s about doing the right thing. About being a good person. About accepting others and reaching out your hand to someone in need, even if they are a total stranger.

Each and every single one of us is a member of society, and it is our OBLIGATION as such a member to support one another, especially during an individual’s time of need."

Read Russell's full account of the incident here (you'll be glad you did). And I hope that someday, should my David ever need assistance, there will be someone like this David nearby. The world needs more Davids.

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