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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

5 Musicians With Insane Amounts Of Talent

There's a lot of musical talent out there - we have TV shows dedicated to it, buskers on street corners, and giddy fan-followings galore. Sometimes, you come across a musician who isn't as well-known, but still deserves some spotlight.

Like Dario Rossi, casually drumming on the street in Germany:

Are drums not your thing? More of a strings and horns kinda person? Check out Mariachi Fiesta de México and their cover of the Game of Thrones theme - mariachi style!

 If the piano is more likely to get your toes tapping, how about little Yurika.K on the keyboard:

Got your blood pumping on that one, didn't I? Let's chill you down with this amazing cover of "Time" from the Inception soundtrack, performed on cello by YouTuber ThatCelloGuy:

And if that's not soothing enough for you, take a listen to some polyphonic overtone singing (being able to sing a note with a resonating overtone):

That was Anna-Maria Hefele, and she explains the whole process of polyphonic overtone singing in this really cool video.

Now spend the next three weeks trying to do that stuff yourself. Rum helps.

Those are just five amazing talents in a world full of it. Now throw me some of your finds!

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