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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

10 Movies I've Never Seen (And I Own Them!)

I don't go out much.

Okay, at all. I hardly go out at all. And I missed a lot of good movies back when the kids were younger because . . . kids. And no sitter. Then they got older but I got divorced and money for movies is very tight and is usually spent on Disney and Pixar movies when I get it. 

So a lot of great movies go by, but thank goodness for Wal-Mart and Target. I'll see a movie I'd really wanted to see in the theaters on a shelf with a price tag of less than $10 (God bless the Wal-Mart $5 DVD bin!) and I snag it, if I've got the cash.

And then it sits. See, the problem is, I'm a writer. And I need my kid-free time to write. When the kids are around, they make it hard to watch and enjoy a movie (my son sings all the time and my daughter is always playing YouTube videos while we watch). Consequently, the movies don't get watched. They gather dust. Here are ten I want to watch, but am ashamed to say I haven't, despite owning the damn DVD.

That's right. I own the whole Dark Knight Trilogy. Never watched it.

Nope. Hear it's really funny, though.

This one's supposed to be hilarious.

Every geek I know likes this movie. And I like Chris Evans. A lot. 
Why have I not watched this?

Geeks adore this one, as well. And I
would pay to watch Colin Firth read a grocery list.
Still haven't removed the plastic wrap.

I can offer no defense. None.

I think this one will piss me off.
But I still want to see it.

This is supposed to be adorable.

This one, too, with a side of hilarity.

Another Steve Carrell (you can never go wrong
with Steve Carrell) and it's supposed to be alternately
adorable and really, really depressing. I have to prepare for that.

That's the list of my ten shameful shelf-dwellers. What about you? What movie have you never watched that you really think you probably should?

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