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Friday, May 5, 2017

Cue The Friday Happy Dance - Followed By A Heaping Helping Of NOPE

That's right - it's finally Friday and I finally seem to be on the upside of this miserable chest cold, courtesy of some unknown sneezer on the way back from London. It's been a lousy couple of weeks but I spent my first night without NyQuil last night and didn't cough up a lung this morning, so I'm hoping I'm on the mend.

Now that I'm over that nonsense, it's time for a big ole plateful of NOPE. We'll begin with my knee-wobbling fear of heights:

Are we fully butt-clenched now? Yes? I have just the thing:

Doesn't sound appetizing? How about some . . . cake? (Click on it to read the sign)

If you're forced to seek medical help after eating either of those, please observe the protocols:

(I don't want to know what happened to make this sign necessary).

A word of warning before this next video - it's pretty grisly but surprisingly not as bloody as I imagined. These guys are Russian and they base jump in suspension - meaning the parachute gear is hooked directly into the muscle and skin of their backs. Here's a brief look at it (not as bloody), but if you want the full experience, this video goes to great lengths to show you every agonizing moment:

That's about all my stomach can handle for this week, folks.


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