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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

My Flight Got Bumped By A Day - And I Am Incredibly Grateful

We were supposed to have gotten in from London yesterday afternoon, but things did not go as planned. Instead, we were deplaned, sat in an airport for hours, then shuttled to a hotel, given food and room vouchers, and stuck in London for another night. It was quite the frazzling experience, and I am sincerely tired of airports. I don't need to see one again anytime soon, thanks.

You know, as crappy as it was to be bumped off a plane and spend entirely too much time in an airport and a strange hotel, I have to say how very grateful I am for a cautious pilot. We were minutes from takeoff - they'd even closed the doors - when a faint smell of jet fuel wafted through the cabin. The captain apologized, reassuring us it was likely nothing, but as a precaution, he was going to deplane us and have the plane re-checked for our safety.

We watched the board in the airport terminal refresh each hour to read "Update at 16:00" then "Update at 17:00" and "18:00" until they finally called it a night and made sure we all had food and lodging. This was a very, very large plane and it was packed to capacity. Cancelling that flight and accommodating all of us probably cost the airline every penny of profit they made on that flight, so you can know for certain that whatever was wrong with our plane was very, very wrong and not easily fixed. 

And I am so very grateful that they figured that out before we got in the air, and over an ocean. I'll lose a day of work and spend hours in an airport and count myself one of the lucky ones. My son still has a mother and a sister today because of someone's keen instincts and insistence on following protocols.

So that's my moment of thankfulness. Tomorrow, I start sharing my London Diary - wait till you see the pics!

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