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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

And Now For The Big Announcement: We're Going To London!

Back in December, something wonderful happened, but I had to wait until spring to tell you what it was. Now I can officially spill the beans. 

I won the big raffle prize at the office Christmas party: a $1000 gift certificate to our travel agent. So with that in hand and a generous tax return, I decided to give my daughter a 16th birthday to remember.

Dudes. We're going to London! In 15 days!

And now my two big scores for our London trip:

First, I popped the extra $ and got the pricier, private tour of Stonehenge. The normal tour keeps you on the perimeter path and you're there with a bunch of other busloads of people. The private tour is limited to 52 people, you go at sunrise or sunset (before/after all the tours) and you are allowed to walk inside the circle and among the stones. We've got the sunset tour, along with a tour of the Roman baths at Bath and the medieval village of Lacock.

The second score? Oh, I get major mom points for this. We're touring the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, and I reached out to one of the Astronomers there ahead of time. Anna will be meeting and speaking with a female astronomer who works at the observatory (and Dr. Topalovic is very happy to be meeting a budding astrophysicist).

And of course, I'll be blogging through it all and taking you with me.

London! Yeah, baby!


  1. Wow, talk about mom points! What great memories for the two of you.

  2. So excited for your daughter and you!!! What an amazing adventure to share for her birthday!