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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Today Is National Friends Day, And I Have The Best

According to Facebook (and of course, Facebook is the known authority on holidays they can make you a slideshow for), it is National Friends Day.

I have a lot of friends. I always have room for more, but the group I've got are the cream of the crop. These are people who range from people I've known since the fourth grade to friends I've known for years through the internet and never met in person to readers who only know me from a blog or a book but like me anyway.

Every single one of them (and you, if you're reading this)  have been instrumental to my success, in whatever way you want to measure it. 

Got divorced? We're here for you. What do you need?
Started a blogging job? You go girl!
Wrote the book and trying to get a publisher? You can do this!
Landed a book contract? We knew you'd do it!
Book available for pre-order? I got two copies and told all my friends!

And this doesn't even cover the friends who mowed my lawn, power washed my house, bought me a dryer, gave me money and wouldn't take no for an answer, fixed my broken mower, fixed my broken car, brought me soup when I was sick, brought me champagne when I was too broke to celebrate, bought me a pint (or a meal) in Dublin, and just generally became my personal cheering squad. 

I could never, ever repay them for all the good they do in my life, and the lives of my children.

I love my friends, and I am a lucky, lucky woman to have them all.

Thanks, guys.

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