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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

What Dreams May Come - And Freak You Out

Last night, I dreamed that I was running down the street in heels and an ermine coat with a knapsack full of machine guns slung over my shoulder. Like, full-on gangster gun-moll, running from the law with Al Capone as my sugar-daddy.

What the hell?

I have always had vivid dreams - full of all sorts of crazy and fantastical crap. They're a lot of fun, until you hit one that scares you. Or tells you more about yourself than you're willing to face.

I once had a dream that no one had arms, except me. And I wasn't okay with that. You know why? Because no one could hug me or hold me. I was unbearably lonely throughout the dream, and I woke feeling so hollow inside I wanted to lay in bed and cry all day.

I once had a dream that my ex-husband's grandmother possessed a crucifix that I was wearing on my neck and was trying to strangle me with it from beyond the grave. This was while I was still married, and his grandmother died long before we ever met (and by all accounts was a lovely woman) so I have no idea where that came from. But I woke up panting and shrieking and trying to explain to my very puzzled partner who had no idea what the hell was going on anymore than I did.

I've dreamed my cats turned blue. Sparkling, royal blue. I've dreamed my buttcrack sealed shut. I've dreamed my entertainment center grew feathers. I've dreamed my daughter got a tattoo on her back of Gene Wilder's face.

Yeah, I know. No more nachos before bed.

But seriously, I get the trippiest dreams. What about you? Have you ever had a particularly weird or memorable dream.

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