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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Today Is A "Just Good Enough" Day

Today has been a day, and it's not even noon yet.

It started on the overnight - I slept miserably for some reason, waking every half hour or so, alternating between burning up and freezing cold. Ah, periomenopause, what a wonderful thing you are.

Then I started my morning by falling down the stairs. Loudly. Which means Anna got to start her morning by hearing her mom nearly die. Loudly. David sleeps through anything, so he wasn't traumatized, but Anna was certainly freaked out.

No broken bones, but I fear my back is wrecked and I feel like I've been beaten with a sock full of nickels. 

Then I've discovered as the morning progressed that I have some kind of stomach and intestinal virus brewing. Hot chamomile tea is getting me through but oh, I do not need this. I went to work because I need to be at work today.

On top of all that, I forgot a page of David's homework last night, so he has double to do tonight and I'm sure his teacher will be silently judging me for not helping my special needs kid complete his homework (I know logically that's probably not true but it feel true).

I just feel like I'm flagging today and I'm barely getting by. And you know what? "Getting by" is good enough. It's just good enough today.

And with that, I give myself permission to feel as lousy as I feel. Tomorrow, I'll re-evaluate and we'll go from there, but today, I'm going to be kind to myself and take it easy. See ya tomorrow, my friends.

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