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Monday, November 21, 2016

Shine Ireland Develops App To Teach Children On The Spectrum Social Skills

A friend pointed me toward this article about Shine Ireland, an organization out of Cork, Ireland that works with local families to secure assessments, therapies, services and appropriate education for their children who are on the spectrum.

In addition to that they've developed a couple of terrific game apps that helps children on the spectrum practice their social skills. The apps have had over 40,000 downloads worldwide.

Both apps teach valuable skills in a really fun way (I downloaded and David really loved playing!). The design team behind both apps recently won the National Net Visionary Award from Dot IE, Ireland's domain registry service and represents the best of Ireland online.

The apps can both can be found by searching Shine Ireland in the app store and selecting Social Skills for Autism, or the latest game, Kloog 2: Return to Zugopolis.

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