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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: I Spent My Morning Drive In Love With You

Dear Daughter:

It was an ordinary morning, and my ordinary morning drive, until I remembered the weekend. A neighbor had stopped me at the grocery store, and asked me about you. I spoke of you in glowing terms, pride bursting out of every word, and as my mind replayed that conversation, I remembered so much more.

I spent forty-five minutes remembering so much of you, the crazy times we made scrambled eggs at 1am, the adventures and the arguments that ended in hugs and laughter, the binge-watching of Netflix and the camp-outs out in the living room on weekends for movie nights, putting you on the bus that took you to the plane that took you to the first stamp on your passport, and welcoming you back in my arms safe and sound and glowing from the experience. I remembered it all, and I cried off all my makeup before I got to work and had to reapply.

It was worth it.

Love (completely and for always always),


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