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Thursday, October 27, 2016

What's Your Local "Gotta Have It" Food?

That, my darlings, is pure paradise on a paper plate.

That is a Turkey Schwartzie Hoagie from Primos Hoagies, a Philadelphia area institution. And oh, my good Lord, y'all. . .

So good. I mean soooooo good.

That's thinly sliced delicious local Thumann's turkey breast, Primos famous cole slaw, swiss cheese and russian dressing all on a chewy-on-the-inside, crunchy-on-the-outside seeded roll that is to die for.

I get one of these every few months, ordering the large size, eat wayyy too much of it to the point of being ill, and that holds me for a few more months until I gotta have one again. I had one yesterday and oh, baby, was it ever good.

That's only one of the delicious things that migrate to my hips in this neck of the woods. 

What about you? What local thing makes your mouth water? Tell me all about it!

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