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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Here It Is: My Top-Secret Mega Delicious Hot Spiked Apple Cider Recipe!

Hallelujah - it's boots and sweater weather again (well, for some of us, anyway...) and since we're inching closer to Halloween, I'm getting everything ready for my favorite Halloween tradition: the making of the hot spiked cider.

It's been a staple on Halloween night for all the years I've lived in my neighborhood, and now they call me "The Cider Girl." On Halloween night, I hand out candy to the kids, and I keep a jug of cold apple cider for the underage passers-by who find themselves thirsty. 

But for the grown ups? I have a huge, simmering crock pot (and I mean this is big! I got it at Costco!) of hot spiked apple cider that is just freaking a-MAZ-ing. I end up refilling it at least twice through the night, and now adults show up with their own mugs, dying for a taste of this cider. It's that good.

Warning: it does pack a wallop, so give out 8 or 10oz cups of the stuff and don't sample too heavily yourself. This is the kind of cider that goes down so smooth and easy, you aren't aware how bad off you are until you need to test gravity by standing up. You'll also find yourself calling it "Psyched Spider" after a few mugs.

 Here's how it goes:

A gallon of this (pick your brand)

A box of this if you can find it

Or use 5 bags of this if you can't find that

Now for the good part: Start with a full cup (8oz) of this

And a full cup of this

And finally, a half cup (4oz) of this

Boil the cider with the mulling spices or tea bags in it until hot, then add the alcohol. Keep it on a low heat (don't boil - it'll boil off the alcohol and we don't want that!) and serve to your very, very grateful guests.

You're welcome!

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