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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Unfriended For Good

We haven't been face to face in years
In these days of technology and social media
We don't have to be anymore
And maybe that computer screen
Makes you feel safe to spew your hate
In this election season
With words like ni**er and bitch
And the ironic use of the word "pray"
In that same sentence
You're unfriended now 
Because you don't have a damn thing to say
That I'll ever want to hear
But I will say this to you:
With hate like that, you're not much of a friend to lose
Not a friend to the country you so claim to love
And certainly not a friend to yourself
Letting that ugliness take root, grow and flourish
I pity you
But not enough to put up with you anymore
Even through a computer screen

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