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Friday, September 9, 2016

It's Friday! How About A Steaming Dish Of NOPE

Welcome to the almost-weekend....and let me tell you, I can use one. Got a new car this week. Got a list of revisions from my editor for my 2nd YA book, got two stir-crazy kids who will ensure that I won't get much done on that, and I have a yard that needs to be nuked from space for public safety.

Maybe I don't need a weekend after all. I mean, if I'm at work, I can ignore all that. Right? Right?

Anyway, enough about me. Here's a whole bunch of things that embody the word NOPE.

Welcome to "No Mount Cave Diving"

Extreme hammocking

This is a Bearded Fireworm:

Something tells me this won't end well...

If that picture made your sphincter clench, check out the full video. This is a stunt man by the name of Greg Gasson, and he's completely and utterly nuts.

If all of this has got your innards in knots, no problem! Learn how to clean your stomach by swallowing a cloth!

And on that nauseating note, I'll leave you to your weekend. See you Monday!!

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