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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

What Do You Love Or Miss About Your Hometown?

As you read this, my children and I (and Anna's best friend) are in the air and on our way to my beautiful home state of New Mexico.

Oh, it feels good to go home again. It's been three years for me, but for my children, this is a first visit of sorts. I say "of sorts" because Anna has been here before - but she was 20 months old when my mother died and we returned for the funeral, so she hardly has a memory of it.

It'll be interesting to fly from the crushing humidity into the clear, dry air. To feel truly scorching heat and see craggy, jagged mountains instead of gentle, rolling hills. My hometown is surrounded by a wealth of natural wonders (as is my current home, to be fair) but they're different and exciting and familiar in a wonderful way for me.

Do you know what I want most? I want it to rain. Anyone who has ever lived in the desert Southwest knows exactly what I say when I tell you that the smell of rain on sagebrush and creosote is a smell unlike any other. I missed it keenly when I first moved away, and oh, do I want to smell it again.

I'll be reconnecting with some old friends, and showing my kids off and around. I've been away longer than I lived there now, but some part of that town will always be home. 

Expect a lot of posts about The Land of Enchantment these next several days. I can't tell you how good it feels to set foot on desert soil again. 

I'll let Bon Jovi sing me out - in the mean time....tell me what you love or miss about your home town!

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