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Monday, August 15, 2016

Autism? There's An App For That!

I wanted to pass along this fantastic list of 11 Expert Recommended Autism Apps For Kids.

So many of these are helpful - I wish I could have taken advantage of some of these when David was first diagnosed but that was before the age of smart phones and tablets, so apps weren't an option.

I especially love the First Then Visual Schedule - I  used cartoon pictures and First-Then labeling to chart David's days for him when he was younger with tremendous success. If he could have had an iPad (which he LOVES) then and an app he could access, he would have been even more invested in it.

The age of technology has brought in so many ways to help our children navigate with autism, and I am so very glad we have these kinds of resources.

Do you have any autism-related apps (or mainstream apps that you've found to be helpful) that you'd like to recommend?


Ellie's journey with her son David has been one of joy, patience and discovery - one that changed the very framework in which she used to view autism. Through David's eyes, she's learned that an autism diagnosis isn't the end of the world - it's just the beginning of an interesting new one.
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