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Monday, July 25, 2016

Resource Monday: Stimtastic Makes A Wonderful Line Of Jewelry and Toys For People With Autism

Today I want to introduce you to Stimtastic - an amazing online store that sells jewelry for people with autism! Necklaces and bracelets like the one above carry pendants that can be chewed (if the person has an oral stim fixation like my son), and they also carry pendants, rings and even earrings that can be fidgeted with, spinning and making sound - not truly noisy, but things like ratcheted and spinning rings. Here's a video of their ring products:

They also carry a line of toys and stim bags that you should check into. Their products are incredible, and even better, 10% of their sales go directly back to the autism community in the form of charitable donations and direct giving. These products are incredible - check out the website for more info!

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