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Friday, July 15, 2016

Dancin' My Way To A Weekend - Let's Have Some Fun On This Friday!

It's a beautiful summer weekend, my poison ivy is almost gone and life, my friends, is good. So slip on some dancin' shoes and watch as these people get their groove on!

This kid leads a dance team like a boss!

Check out granny - she's still got some moves!

And from our friends in Tollywood (you read that right - "Bollywood" is the Hindi movie industry, "Tollywood" denotes movies in Telegu, popular in the South of India), comes a dance number disaster video of epic proportions from "Maryada Ramanna."

If you have an energy left after watching that, you can just rope yourself into some bad '80's cowboy hip-hop!

So go ahead - dance like nobody's watching! Then wait for the video to appear on social media!


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