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Monday, June 6, 2016

Resource Monday: Ford Announces A New Job Training Program For People With Autism

Ford has recently announced a new pilot program to help train individuals on the autism spectrum.

Developed in collaboration with the Autism Alliance of Michigan, FordInclusiveWorks kicked off June 1. It will provide work roles in Ford’s product development organization.
"We are truly excited to be collaborating with Ford on this pilot program,” says Colleen Allen, president and CEO, Autism Alliance of Michigan. “For so many individuals with autism spectrum disorder, getting and keeping a job is a challenge. Often, companies lack understanding of the unique characteristics associated with autism, which can be challenging, and unfortunately this can lead to perceptions of a poor fit for the individual and coworkers. I applaud Ford for taking these critical steps to understand autism, and for giving those who have struggled to find competitive employment real career opportunities that could be life changing for them.”

It's so heartening to see major employers like Ford taking not only an interest in forwarding the careers of people on the spectrum, but also recognizing that they have valuable skills that make them an asset in the workplace, if they're given the proper training and coworkers are educated to help them reach out to those workers effectively.

Well done, Ford! Let's hope this sets a new standard for the industry.

Read Ford's entire press release on the program here.

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