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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: The Big Adventure

I put her on the bus yesterday
The bus went to the airport
The plane left the continent
And just like that, she's on an adventure
Further from home than she's ever been
Further from me than she's ever been
And I hugged her
And told her I love her
And to be safe
Please be safe
And have fun
(be safe)
I didn't talk about the plane
(be safe)
Or the volcano
(be safe)
Or that girl that went missing
(be safe)
All those years ago
(be safe)
On a school trip
(be safe be smart oh GOD be safe)
She knows all that stuff
I know she knows
And I want her to live it up
Have an adventure
Revel in it
With a heaping plate of gusto on the side
So I watched as the bus pulled away
And I whispered once more
(be safe)
My girl
Taking on the world

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