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Friday, June 10, 2016

It's Friday And I'm Off To The Wilderness!

School officially ended yesterday and the kids and I are off on our annual summer camping trip. And I know some of you don't consider it camping unless you're in a tent and digging a hole for your own feces, but we call it camping even though there are hot showers and flush toilets at the bathhouse and a campground store that sells ice cream.

We usually do camp in tents, but thanks to my book advance, this year we rented a cabin. Mama's thrilled about not having to sleep on the ground or put up and tear down anything. I'll need the free time, because I've got a second book to write.

So while I'm getting sunburned and bug-bit and the kids are splashing in the pool and toasting marshmallows, why don't you kick back and enjoy this collection of fails from the great outdoors.

Catch you next week, folks....hopefully with a book in the bag.

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