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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Do You Talk Your Age?

I ask this in the wake of a Facebook quiz I took yesterday, that informed me I talk like a nineteen year-old.

I suspect that's because I'm very active on social media, have a teenage daughter I converse with daily, and write Young Adult novels. But that doesn't mean the "older" idioms don't sneak in. For instance...

When I was writing my book, I referred to the downstairs bathroom in the protagonist's house as a "powder room." You know, the room with just a toilet and a sink? No bath, hence, not a bathroom?

I was told it sounded "too old", and to call it a bathroom. All righty, then.

I also have a bad habit (that I got from my mother, who got from her mother). When someone answers a question of mine with "So?" I immediately reply, "Sew buttons!" Who the hell would do that but some aged aunt who's not playing with a full deck? I do!

I've adapted over the years from some of the things my parents used to say that passed down to me. Thongs became flip-flops, "hodgepodge" became "jumble" and "flabbergasted" became "freaked out." I refuse to let go of doohickey or cahoots, however. I am a writer. I get to use those words.

I won't go so far as to refer to the sofa as a davenport, however. That one stays with my grandmother.

What about you? What words in your vocabulary "date" you?

1 comment:

  1. Heh! It thinks I'm 61! I'm 35, but we speak British english, I'm guessing that's involved!
    I'd call a downstairs loo a cloakroom, btw :)