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Monday, May 16, 2016

Resource Monday: An Exciting New App In Development That Brings Stories To Life!

Yesterday, a friend pointed me to a piece of technology that's being developed as an app to encourage children to read. I was completely wowed by this! My son loves a good story, but hates to read. He sees a wall of text, and his mind just erects a wall and it all looks like a giant jumble to him.

Campfire, the app in development, will take certain elements of the story and create an atmosphere with light and sound via your phone or tablet that matches what is being read in the story. If the story says "Boom" there will be a boom. If the story says it's raining, you'll hear rain and ambient light will make the room look overcast. How cool is that?

Check out their pitch video for info, and view their Global Startup Battle pitch page here.

I think this is an idea well worth funding! I'm looking forward to seeing more about this as it develops!

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