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Friday, May 6, 2016

It's Friday! Help Yourself To A Big Serving Of NOPE

As someone who is ridiculously afraid of heights, that picture amde me weak at the knees and had me hyperventilating. Who needs a man when a carefully chosen picture or video can get you in the same condition? Right? Right?

Yeah, that's a NOPE.

Anway, here's some fun from the high-flying world of NOPE:

And another one for your hyperventilating pleasure:

I may have shown you this one before, but what the heck - it's still a sphincter-clencher:

Meet the Chrysopelea - it's a type of snake that can glide through the air.

After all that rock climbing and snake dodging, you might want to kick back with a pint of something really refreshing!

Don't forget to wear those great new earrings!


And on that note, I'll call it a wrap and search for something stronger to kill the perceived taste of that last item. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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